FEMALE 2018 Travel Bucket List: Phu Quoc Island

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Known as the Bali of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is the next beach paradise you need to get to before the crowds descend. It’s located on the tip of the nose at Vietnam’s southern end, a 50 minute flight down from the capital Ho Chi Minh City. But you can also get there by flying into Sihanoukville in Cambodia (it’s close to the border) and taking a ferry over.

We spoke to a couple of people who went recently, and here’s what they said:

“I loved how Phu Quoc was so peaceful and quiet. If I need a break from the city, this is where I’d head to. Everything is so simple, cheap (for now), surrounded by greenery and bare. I’d recommend it to friends NOW cause it’s slowly starting to develop and soon it’s gonna turn into a city.” – Vasenta

“I loved Phu Quoc, it’s so relaxed and quiet. The island still not crowded and it’s so beautiful! And there’s cheap food everywhere!” – Mala

FEMALE recently went there on a trip, too, and here’s what we think you should do in Phu Quoc.

1. Beach all day, err day…

There are 11 clean, stunning beaches to choose from (Sao, Khem, Long, Ong Lang, Cua Can, Vung Bau, Bai, Rach Tram, Rach Vem, Thom and Vong). All have different personalities; Long Beach is where the party’s at (and lot of affordable B&Bs and clubs) Khem or Emerald Beach is where the exclusive resorts are, Sao is a pristine white sand heaven, Ong Lang, Cua Can and Vung Bau has outstanding sunsets.

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