6 Essentials You Need to Stay Warm in Colder Climates

Bring these with you to survive the cold.

Are you planning a travel trip to some where colder? Read up on our guide so that you’ll be comfortable during your trip. Even if you’re visiting during the summer, you might still want to stock up. A warm summer’s day in a four seasoned country doesn’t match up to the heat in South East Asia.


Thermal clothes

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Here’s something else aside from the usual thick jackets. Thermal clothes generally come in a form of long sleeved tops and leggings. Some places sell the both of them separately, but there are brands that sell them together for your own convenience. You won’t feel anything while wearing it overseas, but if you try it beforehand in Malaysia you’ll definitely feel the heat rising! Almost as if you had just caught a fever. To make sure your thermals still function in the long run, wash them by hand with a gentle detergent.

Padded shoes

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This is one thing that I don’t see a lot of people mentioning when it comes to travelling to colder climates. A couple trusty pair of shoes that I often wear in Malaysia wasn’t sufficient enough for London’s early spring time. As I walk outdoors I could feel the coldness piercing its way through the thin fabric of my kicks. A pair of boots is not always necessary during non-winter seasons, but it’s advisable to have at least one padded shoes as your daily foot wear.

Ankle socks

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A suitable pair of socks will keep you warm. Your best bet is to go with a pair of socks that reaches your ankle, especially if your shoes don’t cover them up from the cold breeze. Keep the dainty socks for a warmer day or the toasty indoors of your accommodation.


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Don’t let the bright and sunny sky fool you. There’s always a chance of the rain occurring in the middle of your outdoor stroll. Always keep an umbrella with you at all times, especially if you’re visiting a location that is known for its unpredictable weather.

Lotions & Lip balms

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Countries with a colder climate are usually dry, which means you’ll sweat way less even after a run. On the down side it lacks of ‘free’ moisture that the Malaysian climate has to offer, which means your skin will crack like crazy. Without lathering up yourself with enough lotions you will discover plenty of ‘paper cut’ wounds on different parts of your body. The same goes to your lips as well, so don’t forget to pucker up with plenty of lipbalm. Pop by any of their pharmacies if you want to try out any of their local skincare brands.

Supplements & Meds

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As you reach your destination your body will need time to adapt to the new environment. During this period you may experience several discomforts such as jet lag, fever, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Pack along your usual supply of vitamin C’s and fever medicine just to be on the safe side and save your cash for other purchases.


Written by Nadrah Ahmad Kamal


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