5 Reasons Why Club Med Cherating Is The Best Destination For A Feel-Good Holiday

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We all go on holiday for a variety of reasons. It could be that we need to escape the daily grind, spend quality time with the family, to have some ‘me’ time, beat boredom… and the list goes on!

But, the objective we all hope to achieve while on vacation is simple – to enjoy and have a good time. The smart people at Club Med Cherating in Pahang have discovered that the only way to improve on the feel-good factor is to get guests and visitors at the resort to do something worthwhile. In this case, it is to appreciate, respect and conserve nature and the environment.

club med cherating beach

In their bid to instil that sense of wonder and love for the environment in their guests, Club Med Cherating has introduced a special themed event called Into the Wild. While this fun feature will be ending soon, there will be upcoming ones designed to add value and excitement to the guests’ holiday experience. The Into the Wild theme comprises a variety of workshops and ‘experiences’ designed to introduce guests to concepts of conservation as well as to inculcate respect and love for the environment through fun and pro-active activities that encourage participation. To find out more about the Into the Wild event, click here.

When you’re entrenched in the tedium of city life, it’s a good idea to leave the concrete jungle in favour of the twinkling azure beach and mysterious verdant forest at Club Med Cherating. The resort is very accessible – just three hours from Kuala Lumpur by car, so what are you waiting for? Getting back to nature is just a hop and a car ride away! Here are five great ways you can reconnect with nature and feel good doing the Into the Wild activities at the same time!

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