Chang Kong Cliff Road Walk on 700-year old Wooden Boards

It’s almost ‘A Journey to the West’ on this risky mountain walkway!

Rollercoasters, sky diving, bungee jumping – they’re all height-related, adrenaline-pumping activities that daredevils love and altophobics hate. But the Chang Kong Cliff Road on Haushan mountain, China is on a completely different level. The ‘Cliff Road’ is actually made of one foot-wide wooden boards that were nailed together onto the vertical cliff – more than 700 years ago! It remains as the walkway for tourists even till today.


Built by a person named He Yuan Xi and his students during the Yuan dynasty, the road was initially built as a route to a more peaceful spot to practise their religious beliefs and to seek ‘immortals’ who were believed to have been dwelling deep in the mountains.


But just like the Great Wall of China, it wasn’t a fast task – it took them 40 years to complete.


The ‘road’ isn’t all made up of wooden boards, though. There are some parts where the wooden boards end and travellers have to use the mountain rock as support to continue trekking.


Of course, these days, there is a special safety harness for anyone who takes the trail, and despite the risks, tons of tourists have queued their way up to the mountain. Besides going for the breathtaking view, most of them even time their ascent to reach the peak for sunrise.

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Even with its popularity and extra safety measures introduced, such as cutting deeper pathways and building stone steps and wider paths, fatalities have and continue to occur on the mountain.







Photos & Source: The Daily Mail; Video: DailyNews724


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