Airbnb’s Newest Animal Experiences Let You Meet And Connect With Animals During Your Travels With

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Rescue the lost pets of Chernobyl, paddle-board with corgis and more with Airbnb’s latest collection of animal-first Experiences!

Travelling is one of the best ways to relax our body and mind, but so is spending some time with some adorable animals. If you’ve always relished playing with some furry friends or wish to seek further relaxation during your holidays, look beyond Airbnb’s Adventure Experiences and take a closer look at their latest Animal Experiences.

This brand new category aims to bring travellers closer to nature and animals by allowing people to better understand animals through first-hand caring experiences and expert hosts, as well as set a new standard for animal tourism. With over 1,000 Experiences co-hosted by more than 300 species and their human advocates, there are a variety of unique activities for travellers to explore such as paddleboard with corgis, kayak with conservationists and skateboard with a world record-winning bulldog!

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The new Experience offers a fresh way to connect with animals near and far so that even busy urbanites can reconnect with the natural world through simple activities such as hiking with rescue dogs and chilling out with alpacas. Seeking for a more adventurous activity? Travellers can also discover arctic foxes or help rescue puppies that are lost within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Joining more than 40,000 Airbnb Experiences available across 1,000 cities worldwide, Airbnb Animal Experiences are underpinned by a new, industry-leading animal welfare policy created in collaboration with World Animal Protection to ensure their wellbeing at all times. The Experiences are hosted by caring experts as an antidote to typical tourist attractions that are notorious for ethical concerns, which is why you’ll never find an Experience where you can kiss a dolphin or ride an elephant!

Did you know? Beyond understanding animals, over 100 Airbnb Animal Experiences are social impact Experiences such as conservation, animal rescue and veterinary care.

Ready to spend your time with some furry friends? Here are five Airbnb Animal Experiences around Asia that you can consider.

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