9 Beaches On The East Coast Of Peninsular Malaysia For Your Next Road Trip

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When it comes to choosing a place for a beach holiday, it’s not a secret that some of the best islands in Peninsular Malaysia are located on the east coast. However, getting to the islands can be quite a hassle since they’re mostly accessible only by ferry or speedboat. Not to mention, they can get super crowded during peak seasons.

If you’re in need of a beach holiday but not keen to take a trip out to the sea, there are beaches along the east coast states of Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu you can take a road trip to. Start planning for a getaway at these beaches that boasts golden sands, swaying coconut trees and idyllic scenery now!


1. Teluk Cempedak

Photo: Traveloka

Undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches on the coast of Pahang, Teluk Cempedak is a great place for families to spend some time together as it has a plethora of activities available. Despite its popularity, the beach is pretty clean and perfect for swimming. Explore the area by taking a walk along the raised platform to enjoy a scenic view of the beach.

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