8 Reasons Why Spring And Summer Is The Best Time To Visit Australia

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Australia is a tourist’s paradise for good reason. Filled with iconic sights, unique wildlife, and hidden gems all over the country, the Land Down Under promises endless hours of fun and fascinating discoveries for anyone who visits. The country changes with each of its seasons so if you’re planning a trip down under, when should you visit? If you ask me, there’s no better time than now, just as the country heads into spring.

Here are eight reasons you should visit Australia in the Spring and Summer!

Spring: September to November

With flowers blossoming and perfect temperatures, Australia is at its most beautiful in Spring. The fresh air and calm, temperate weather perfectly compliment its breathtaking scenery and exciting outdoor activities.

1. Take in the beauty of Australia’s finest wildflowers in full bloom

Photography: Tourism Australia

Get lost in a sea of colourful wildflowers that at the Fitzgerald River National Park, 180km from Albany in Western Australia. With more than 1,800 species of plants, you’ll have Insta-shots to die for! At the park, bask in the view of one of the most diverse botanical regions in the world as you explore the trails filled with endangered native animals. If you’re not one for the outdoors, you don’t even have to leave the city!  Take a leisurely stroll around the wildflowers in Kings Park which will also host a flower festival in September.

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