7 Stunning Yet Underrated Holiday Destinations in Asia

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We’re talking about some seriously hidden gems in Asia!

Let’s face it: conquering the other side of the planet is going to require more days off work just for the long flights to get there. So if you’re looking for more than just a fantabulous weekend getaway in Malaysia (or at Singapore because they have the sexiest pools!), then we’ve got the next best solution: ASIA. A

nd we’re not talking about the usual Tokyo, Seoul or Bangkok type of places; we’re talking about these super underrated slash hidden gems that deserve way more attention and, of course, a visit!

1. Raja Ampat Islands in Papua, Indonesia


Photos: Indonesia Travel Facebook (top) & www.papuaparadise.com (bottom)

Bali’s awesome, but Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands is even more awesome for being rich in oceanic natural resources! In fact, its high diversity in marine life, rich coral reef ecosystem and relatively untouched nature gives it high potential as a tourist spot. It’s also often placed as one of the top ten diving spots in the world!

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