7 Reasons Why You And Your Girlfriends Should Visit Victoria, Australia

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There’s nothing like grabbing your group of girlfriends and hitting the open road for a holiday filled with laughter and leisure. And it’s not just a BFF thing: we’re even seeing an increasing number of people taking a multi-generational trip with their grandmother and extended family members for a girls-only vacation across the ocean!

Photo: Alf Scalise from Pixabay

For some, invigoration comes in the form of a gruelling mountain hike that gets the heart racing, while others may find relaxation in a slow-paced journey with a bottle of fine wine and a long lunch. Whether you and your girlfriends are the former or latter type of travellers, the regional Victoria in Australia has a combination of world-class dining, art galleries, relaxation spots and more to satisfy every type of adventure you’re seeking.

Excited to plan for your next girlfriends getaway? Here’s why you should consider the dynamic state of Victoria, Australia.

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