6 Things I Learnt From Travelling With My BFF

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Crazy, hilarious, unforgettable – there’s nothing quite like travelling with your best friend.

It could be because travelling gets cheaper when you’re in a pair, or that you need someone to be the photographer for all your Instagram pictures, travelling with your best friend is undoubtedly one of the must-do activity in everybody’s bucket list. However, what you’ve imagined your travel to be will not certainly be perfect.

Even though she’s the yin to your yang and have nothing but love for one another, it’s bound to be challenging when it comes to exploring a new place and stay together. But remember how you came this far in the friendship. After all, if your friendship managed to survive through thick and thin for so many years, it must have involved lots of compromises and understanding.

When I first travelled with my best friend, I thought everything would be simple: we’d simply book our flight tickets and accommodation, and jet off to paradise. However, problems began to crop up even during the planning process. Where would we go? When can we go? How many days should we go for? Our clashing personal desires left us feeling frustrated after hours of planning.

Luckily, we both worked our way through the challenges and made the trip happen. Since then, we’ve travelled a couple more times together and everything became a breeze.

To help you navigate through any potential pitfalls during your travel with your bestie, here’s a list of things you need to be aware of during the travel and how to handle them.

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