6 Perfect Honeymoon Destinations For Every Kind Of Couple

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Nothing beats the feeling of going on a holiday with your partner, more so when you’ve just tied the knot. We round up the top honeymoon spots of the year and all you need to do is start planning in advance.

1. For the couple who loves beaches

Photo: Jasper Boer on Unsplash

Where you can go: French Polynesia, Hawaii, Caribbean, Maldives and Greece

Sun, sand and sea! Just picture this: a glass of cocktail in your hand while you stand in your bathrobe watching the magnificent sunset from the balcony of your over-water chalet. A vacation on the beach calls for a couple massage and when you’re done relaxing, challenge your man to see how many water activities you both can complete before leaving.

Tip! Opt for an island-hopping cruise. There are tons of packages to choose from that’ll suit your personal interests. Wave goodbye to technology, hop onboard a ship and get full-on pampered.

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