6 Holiday Spots In Malaysia For The Long Holiday

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3. Island Retreat – Tenggol Island Beach Resort, Terengganu

Photography: pulautenggol.com

Time to rejuvenate with some cool sea breeze, crystal clear water, and sparkling sandy beach at the Tenggol Island in Terengganu. This island is one of the state’s furthers islands located in the southern region of the Terengganu Marine Park which makes it a great diving spot for travelers. It’s one of Malaysia hidden gems, so you won’t be swarmed with the crowds. Because it’s far from the mainland, you might catch a glimpse of beautiful sea creatures like black-tipped reef sharks, barracudas, nudibranch and even a whale shark if you’re lucky. The island is closed to visitors from October to February due to the monsoon season, so now is the best time to make a trip there.

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