5 Fictional Places You Can Visit In Real Life

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Have you ever come across a magnificent destination while watching a fictional show and wished you could teleport there immediately?

There’s a magical feeling we get from fictional worlds that intrigue us to wish we could somehow shrink ourselves into the television screen and land right smack in the dreamy scene. Writers and directors of films have a unique ability to create remarkable and creative stories but it turns out not all of the magical worlds and eye-catching places that exist in their work were created entirely from imaginations.

Photo: @glennfosterphotography

In fact, there are some fictional destinations that are actually inspired by or exist in real life you can visit, even if they seem way too far-fetched to be true.

From childhood animated films like Up to the fantasy masterpieces like Game of Thrones, these are the five fictional places you thought only existed in fiction. Well, looks like it’s time to pack up our bags and visit these fantasy locations!

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