5 Myths About Travelling In New Zealand And Why You Need To Visit The Country Now

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If there’s a genie who can grant us three wishes just like in the Aladdin movie, we’d totally wish for unlimited travels.

Undoubtedly, travelling exposes us to various cultures and lifestyles, create many memorials and teaches us a great deal of lessons. But when it comes to choosing a destination to visit, we’re often in a dilemma on the type of vacation we should be taking. This year, whether you’re looking for a nature-filled getaway, a food trip, an adventurous  holiday or just need a break from your regular city-filled with lifestyle, consider travelling to New Zealand!

Often overshadowed by the bustling cities in Australia, many travellers have misconceptions about New Zealand’s cultures and lifestyle, from assuming the country has nothing much to offer apart from greenery, to thinking of the country as an expensive city in Australia. And this is why we’re here to tackle some of those top myths and convince you to jet off to the island country.

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