5 Film-worthy Places to Stay in Paris!

Feel like you’re on your very own Parisian movie set at these unique boutique hotels.


The Da Vinci Code: Hotel Da Vinci


In 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia stole the famous Mona Lisa painting from The Louvre, and took refuge in this very hotel. While the painting has been returned, and you may not get to sleep in a room full of stolen genuine artwork, the recreated Da Vinci prints on the room walls of the Hotel Da Vinci replicate that very surreptitious feeling. With a setting like this, you might feel like you could crack the mystery of your own Da Vinci code.

Location:  Saint Germain des Pres

Price: Starts from euro 247 (about RM1,120) per night. Wifi and VAT inclusive


The Devil Wears Prada: Keppler Hotel


The devil wore Prada… and Hermès, too! While you might not have enough in the bank to break out on designer threads, you can still live in opulence – in Paris, no less. At the Hotel Keppler, you’ll find immaculate details in all aspects of its interior design and amenities. In your room, you’ll find unique, chic prints and sleek furniture as well as luxuries such as satellite TV, sound-proofing, an iPhone dock and complimentary Hermès bathroom products. The hotel boasts a fitness centre, library bar, sauna, and the best part, it is just a walk away from the Avenue de Champs-Elysees (world-famous shopping boulevard in France) and the Arc de Triomphe. We’re sure even Miranda Priestly wouldn’t mind spending a night here!.

Location: Champs Elysees

Price: Starts from euro 245 (about RM1,110) per night. Wifi and VAT inclusive.


Alice In Wonderland: Hotel Original, Boulevard Beaumarchais

rsz_original (1)

Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole into her very own wonderland, and now you can too. Tucked away in the district of Bastille, the Hotel Original boasts five different quirkily-decorated categories of rooms, with themes ranging from ‘mermaid paradise’ to ‘enchanted forest’, and yes, you guessed it, ‘Alice in wonderland’. Depending on what room you’re in, you can chase rabbits through (wallpapered) forests, swim amongst softly-glowing jellyfish that hang from ceilings, battle the playing cards printed on the curtains or curl up on striped duvet covers. You should have some interesting dreams during your stay here!

Location: Boulevard Beaumarchais

Price: Starts from euro 139 (about RM630) per night. Wifi and VAT inclusive


Moulin Rouge!: MonHotel Lounge & Spa


Dark, sexy, mysterious: three things the MonHotel Lounge & Spa and the film Moulin Rouge! have in common. The plush, velvet furniture and dimmed lighting recreate the sumptuousness of the movie, creating an impression of a modern-day Moulin Rouge. And yes, the colour red features prominently throughout the hotel’s lobby and restaurant. The rooms, on the other hand, are neat, carpeted and functional, in case you need a break from the boudoir-style decor. All rooms look out onto the Rue D’Argentine; the streets of Paris should stir the romantic soul in anyone!

Location: Rue d’Argentine

Price: Starts from euro 143 (about RM650) per night. Wifi and VAT inclusive.


The Phantom Of The Opera: Hotel Les Théâtres, Rue de Cléry


Both the publication of the novel The Phantom of the Opera and emergence of artist Jean Cocteau happened during ‘La Belle Époque’ – The Beautiful Era in Western European history. The Hotel Les Théâtres on Rue de Clery expresses forms of his artwork during this period in all categories of its rooms. The colour schemes, wall art and decor are loud and, indeed, dramatic; it’s the kind of place that would excite your inner thespian. The dark silhouettes, theatre bill posters and golden-gilded furniture in some of the rooms of the Hotel Les Théâtres remind us of the decor of the Paris Opera House. During your stay here, the entire world’s a stage!

Location: Sentier

Price: Starts from euro 135 (about RM610) per night. Wifi and VAT inclusive.

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