5 Extreme Activities Around The World To Fuel An Adrenaline Rush

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Ever felt like you’re missing out on something whenever you travel? Sightseeing, trying out new food, shopping… These are the few must-dos whenever you’re exploring a new city. But what sets apart a good trip and a great holiday is experiencing an unexpected thrill the cities have to offer.

For some of us, we’re constantly seeking unconventional activities that can keep our spirits high and adrenaline pumping. As some might say, “you only live once”, so why not let yourself loose and test your limit with these extreme activities available around the world!

1. Sky swing

Considered as the home of extreme sports, New Zealand is a must-visit country for those who are always seeking new and unique adventures. Test your limits at the one and only Skyswing in the country which doubles as Rotorua’s highest and fastest adrenaline rush. The three-seated ride hoists you 50 metres above Skyline Rotorua before coming to a halt to offer you a first-class vantage point of the breathtaking view over Rotorua and beyond. Since you’re hung from your harness with the release in your hand, it’s all up to you to make the drop!

Where to experience:

Skyline Rotorua

A: 178 Fairy Springs Road, PO BOX 2353, Rotorua, New Zealand
T: + 64 7 347 0027

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