5 Best Capsule Hotels In Malaysia To Stay For Your Next Backpacking Travels

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Jump into a sleeping pod and spend a night (or two) at the best capsule hotels in Malaysia. Capsule or pod hotels is where guests who are looking for a budget-friendly and safe place to stay the night. It provides the basic necessities from accommodations, facilities, to services, perfect for travellers who’d like to spend more time exploring than staying in the room.

Photo: Alec Favale on Unsplash

What makes it unique is the small and we mean really small “room” designed with usually a small single sized mattress placed in an oblong pod. Think deep-space hybernating capsules that we see in movies like The Martian but less complicated and without the high-tech. These days you find capsule hotels with different shapes and sizes usually fitting about two to three people per capsule.

Fact! Did you know that the first capsule hotel in the world opened in 1979 called the Capsule Inn Osaka located in Umeda, Osaka?

The number of capsule hotels in Malaysia is growing so it’s time we gathered some of the coolest capsule hotels you can find here that’s perfect for backpackers, solo travellers and for those who want to join in the experience.

(Warning! Not suitable if you’re claustrophobic)

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