5 Activities That Make You Want To Visit Pangkor Island Even Before It Receives Its Tax-Free Status

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If there’s a thing all Malaysians love, it’s definitely the cheap and tax-free prices for goods and services.

The plan to make Pangkor a duty-free island was first announced by the Barisan National government during the tabling of Budget 2018 in Parliament, stating that the west coast island would be tax-free with the exception of tobacco, alcohol and vehicles.

In our country’s 2019 budget released last year, our Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng also announced that the government planned to make Pangkor Island “a duty-free island to realise the true potential of the island”.

Now, we’re thrilled to learn that it’s finally happening!

Photo: Pangkor Laut

The Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzudin Shah revealed during the 14th Perak assembly that the state government had submitted an application to gazette the island as tax-free and we can anticipate for the island to receive its duty-free status starting 1 January 2020. Apart from that, the island will also be exempted from the Sales and Service Tax (SST) too!

According to the Malay Mail, local tourism players suggested that the duty-free status will be a good idea if authorities used the status to bring in stores that sell branded goods such as chocolates, perfumes and clothing.

As we all rejoice in the good news, there are now more reasons to plan a trip to Pangkor Island! Although Pangkor Island is a lesser known holiday destination compared to Penang and Langkawi to name a few, its dreamy beaches and idyllic resorts are sure to offer an amazing holiday experience. Here are a few highlights of the island to enjoy your getaway from the bustling city.

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