40 Unbelievably Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die

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With female turning 40 this year, we started thinking about bucket lists, especially in the travel category! But as much as we love Tokyo, Paris, Taipei and all the other jazzy-snazzy places, there are many other places around the world that definitely need a stamp on our passports for the immense beauty they hold. Places that are so beautiful, you wouldn’t believe they actually exist, and when you do get there, we think the sight will take your breath away because these photos alone already did the trick. 

1. Bioluminescent Beaches, Maldives

Bioluminescent Beaches maldives

Photo: Will Ho via www.thisiscolossal.com

The beach is actually covered with millions of bioluminescent phytoplankton, which act similarly to fireflies whereby they’ll start to glow when disturbed.

2. Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Lake Hillier Australia 1

Photo: www.unbelievablyplaces.blogspot.com

Yes, it’s really bubblegum-pink coloured! Why that is so remains a mystery to scientists, but don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to wade in it.

3. Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan


Photo: http://mindphoto.blog.fc2.com

4. Mount Hua, China

mount hua china

Photo: Dave Morrow via www.davemorrowphotography.com

We’ve featured the trail for this place before without knowing where it actually ended but now that we do, we can see why hundreds of people continue to make the climb despite the dangerous risks. There’s also a well-known Huashan Teahouse and a chess pavilion for you to ‘rest’ at at the end of the hike.

5. Socotra, Yemen


Photo: www.zubitravel.com

Isolated, the island has been known for its odd-looking flora and fauna; especially these unique dragon’s blood trees.

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

salar de uyuni bolivia

Photo: www.catinwater.com

It’s the world’s largest salt flat and during the rainy season, it gets so flooded, it turns into a giant mirror.

7. Swing at the End of the World, La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse), Baños, Ecuador


Photo: Zak Erving via www.sparkpunk.com

At an elevation of 2,660 meters, this is the perfect swing that thrill-seekers have been looking for. It includes a view of the Tungurahua volcano.

8. Lake Baikal, Siberia

lake baikal siberia_0

Photo: www.500px.com/AlexElBarto 

It’s the oldest freshwater lake on Earth and in March, the ice crusts begin to crack and form hummocks. The results: these shining Listerine-like turquoise shards in the ice. Yes, the water is THAT clear.

9. Haiku Stairs (also known as Stairway to Heaven), Hawaii

haiku stairs hawaii

Photo: David Chatsuthiphan via www.unrealhawaii.com

It’s not exactly a legal hike but for those who dare climb the 4,000 (rickety) steel stairs, they’ll be in for a breathtaking treat of Hawaii’s gorgeous landscape.

10. Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada

abraham lake canada

An artificial lake, it’s home to a rare phenomenon that has made it a photographer’s fave: ice/frozen bubbles underneath its surface.

11. Hallasan (Halla Mountain) on Jeju Island, South Korea

hallasan jeju2

Photo: http://travel.cnn.com

It’s the highest mountain in Korea and also one of Jeju Island’s most iconic landmarks, where its panoramic landscape is absolutely gorgeous be it during winter or spring.

12. Door to Hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan

door to hell priscilla locke

Photo: Priscilla Locke via www.matadornetwork.com

“The Door to Hell”, which is 60 meters wide and 20 meters deep, wasn’t always a huge hole on fire. It’s actually an area rich in natural gas, but thanks (not really) to a Soviet gas exploration accident in 1971, a large crater was formed. Afraid of poisonous gas escaping into the atmosphere, geologists decided to light it on fire, thinking it would burn up all the fuel in a couple of days. Instead, the supply of natural gas seems near infinite as the crater continues to burn to this day.

13. To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa

to sua ocean trench

Photo: www.samoa.travel/default.aspx

To Sua could also be translated to mean ‘big hole’ and is 30 meters deep.

14. Petra, Jordan

petra jordan

Photo: Dennis Jarvis via www.flickr.com/photos/archer10

Think about it: rock-cut architecture. That’s enough to amaze anyone. Also, motorized vehicles are not allowed in the area so you can either take a hike (literally) or hire a horse/donkey/camel to get there.

15. Unkai Terrace at Tomamu Resort in Hokkaido, Japan

unkai terrace

Photo: Skyhouse Studios via www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

Unkai Terrace literally translates to “Sea of Clouds” Terrace.

16. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


Photo: www.whenonearth.net

17. The Travertines of Pamukkale, Turkey


Photo: www.rsvlts.com

Pamukkale literally means “cotton castle” in Turkish, and looking at those winter-white terraces of travertines (a type of rock) that contain hot pools, it’s not hard to see where its fluffy name comes from.

18. Crystal Cave of Svmnafellsjvkull in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland


Photo: Orvar Thorgeirsson via www.flickr.com/photos/orvaratli

19.  Baatara Gorge Waterfall in Tannourine, Lebanon

Baatara gorge waterfall Lebanon

Photo: www.worldtoptop.com

How epic is this? Not only does the waterfall (also known as Three Bridges Chasm) flow into a cave, it also passes through three naturally formed bridges!

20. Red Beach in Panjin, China


Photo: Jia Mi via www.flickr.com/photos/mijia

Unlike most beaches, this particular one isn’t covered in sand but in a type of sea weed that turns a vivid red in autumn.

21. Cherry Blossom Avenue on Bonn, Germany

Photo: Moritz Mehrlein via www.flickr.com/photos/mooligan

22. Mount Roraima, South America (specifically bordered by Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana)

mount roraima 2

Photo: Imgur

Fun Fact: According to Atlas Obscura, the remote landscape of this place inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel The Lost World and the Paradise Falls that was mentioned in Pixar’s Up.

23. Melissani Cave in Kefalonia, Greece

melissani cave greece

Photo: Aggelou Zias via ILTWMT.com

24. Tulip Fields, Netherlands


Photo: www.nexttriptourism.com

25. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle Winter Sesion

Photo: www.world-visits.blogspot.com

Looks a little familiar? Well, it was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

26. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy Kazakhstan

Photo: Zhirayr Nersessian via www.flickr.com/photos/znersessian

It may look like long poles have been planted at the bottom of this lake but they’re actually the trunks of spruce trees that have been submerged underwater. The most strucking sight is really beneath the water’s surface; a sunken forest where the water is so cold that the pine needles remain on the trees despite having gone ‘down under’ 100 years ago.

27. The Atlantic Road, Norway

atlantic road norway

Photo: Florian Franke via www.pictorymag.com

Not only has it been awarded with the title of “Norway’s Construction of the Century”, the 8.3km road has also been deemed the world’s best road trip and is a popular site for automotive commercials.

28. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China


Photo: www.thecitrusreport.com

29. Antelope Canyon, Arizona


Photo: James Marvin Phelps via www.boredpanda.com

30. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

mendenhall ice caves alaska

Photo: AER Wilmington DE via www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

Part of a 19km-long glacier, the stunning Mendenhall Ice Caves is truly a surreal sight. Unfortunately, due to global warming, the glacier is melting faster than it should.

31. Machu Picchu, Peru


Photo: www.yogaadventurehawaii.com

32. Marble Caves, Chile

marble caves chile

Photo: www.slate.com

33. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

giants causeway ireland

Photo: www.1001traveldestinations.wordpress.com

Scientifically, the vast area of about 40,000 basalt (a type of volcanic rock) columns is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Legend-wise, it’s the remnants of a causeway built by a giant.

34. Cappadocia, Turkey

cappadocia turkey balloon

Photo: www.renaissancetours.com.au

35. Glowworm Caves at Waitomo, New Zealand

waitomo glowworm caves new zealand

Photo: Reddit

36. Tianzi Mountains in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

tianzi mountains

Photo: www.geekation.com

Yup, they were the inspiration behind Avatar‘s Pandora.

37. Godafoss (The Waterfall of the Gods), Iceland

godafoss waterdall iceland

Photo: Valeriy Shcherbina via www.onebigphoto.com

38. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam


Photo: www.sondoongcave.org

It’s the world’s largest cave that’s about 8.8km long, has a tiny jungle and river, and it’s SO big, it could fit a 40-story skyscraper within it. What’s even more amazing is that the cave’s entrance was only discovered in 1991 by a local and was only explored by British cavers in 2009.

39. The Wave, Arizona

the wave arizona

Photo: Greg Mote via www.mnn.com

40. Trolltunga, Norway


Photo: www.huffingtonpost.com

We’re not trolling you but it’s really also known as Troll’s Tongue due to its odd shape. Besides the great view, it’s also possibly one of the scariest yet most awesome places for a photo op. #YOLO, right? 

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