4 Ways To Save Money When Planning For Your Next Travel

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Gather your travel clan, pour yourself a glass of wine and get planning for an eye-opening adventure!

Travelling is not only a great way for relaxation but also an activity to help us gain more knowledge of the world. It can be full of surprises, with some very rewarding and some not so welcoming.

When it comes to jetting off for a holiday, we often worry about splurging too much on unnecessary expenditures. One of the most common questions asked by people who are planning a getaway is probably how to save money on travels, and the answer is actually more simple than you imagined — having proper travel plans.

Planning your travels appropriately not only helps you make smart choices, but also identify your priorities to allow further strategic planning to save money when travelling. If you’re travelling with a group of friends, drafting out a travel plan is certainly a crucial task to do to avoid any conflict of interest during the vacation. In fact, a regional survey commissioned by Beringer Vineyards in 2017 found that 96 percent of respondents agree that a vacation is more enjoyable if everybody shares the responsibility of planning the trip.

Planning for a getaway with your besties soon? If you’re worried about financial planning for the trip, Beringer Vineyards teamed up with expert travel planner and wanderlust, Levy Li to reveal five ways to save up the cash while planning an enjoyable trip.

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