4 Things You Can Do This Weekend

Sure, you could sleep in and laze around the house. Or you could try these other ideas!

While to some, the weekends are meant for relaxing and reflecting, it’s okay to change up your Saturday and Sunday routines for outdoor adventures, discovering new roads and activities. There are plenty of fun things to do with friends or your beau on your off days. To prove it, here’s our short list to liven up your free time!

1. Picnic on a hike

Couple Having Picnic In Countryside
Grab a group of friends, pack a basket of food for lunch and set out on a healthy trek through the woods. Drive up to one of the most popular hiking spots, Broga Hill, that’s situated in Semenyih, Selangor. Best to ascend the summit at five in the morning just in time for the sunrise that will be nothing short of breathtaking! Find a comfortable spot to lay out the picnic blanket and eat with a view.


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2. Do touristy stuff

Aeial view of Kuala Lumpur from Petronas Twin Tower at sunset
Be a local tourist once in a while and check out what’s good in your hometown! Cos honestly, how many of us have gone up the KL Tower for the view? Or climbed up the steps of Batu Caves? Exactly. So now’s a good time to explore the city and do it in style too!

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3. Go on a short getaway to a neighbouring state

River in Melaka
Take Melaka for a start, it’s just a two-hour drive from KL and there’s so much you can do there in a day. Discover all its local delicacies, go on a hunt for hipster cafés around the famous Jonker Street or check out the infamous Klebang sand dunes, a popular location for photo shoots (read: Instagram) and perfect for the photo enthusiast. Keep in mind it can get pretty sandy out there!


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4. Go for a walk at parks

Parks can be fun no matter how old you are. A walk in the park can go a long way to clearing up the fuzziness from the past week of work. Go to the KL Bird Park or butterfly park; just relax in the quiet and natural surroundings. Driving can be a chore but the new Honda HR-V promises a fun and smooth experience with its 1.8L i-VTEC SOHC engine built on a new Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and smart interface features, including the 7-inch Display Audio, Cruise Control and ECON Mode for a smooth operation.

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Sources: ING Image and www.bjornfree.com