4 Reasons You Should Delay Posting Your Vacation Pics On Social Media

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I guess there was some truth when Lebanese-American writer, Kahlil Gibran said travel and tell no one, and live a true story. But before anyone beats me up, let me come clear by saying that no, I’m not telling you to completely stop posting up your holiday pics but all I’m suggesting is that maybe you should delay it for a bit instead of posting it on the spot!

Ruby Gonzalez, Communication Director of NordVPN, one of the world’s most advanced service providers for virtual private networks explains the simple logic behind this theory.

“As much as most of us are aware that we shouldn’t share our personal info, very few are aware that sharing vacation pics and making plans  on social media is equally dangerous as there are hackers and thieves out there who might be watching us,” she says.

For instance, you never know who’s watching your feed to check that your home is empty and unguarded! So besides just posting up pics later so that your social media followers aren’t aware when you are at home and not at home, here are 4 other things you should do just to be safe.

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