4 Reasons Why You Should Splurge And Make The St. Regis Jingan Your Next City Retreat

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Visiting Shanghai this year and not sure where to call home? Read on to find out why this hotel is No.1 on our ‘Must Stay’ list!

One of the biggest highlight of 2017 for me was the opportunity to stay at the St. Regis Jingan. Launched late last May, this beautiful (and super classy!) smoke-free hotel is situated on West Beijing Road in the heart of the Jingan District, Shanghai’s cultural and business center. Given that it’s located right smack in downtown – you’d be glad to know that the shopping malls (like Plaza 66, Westgate Mall, Shanghai Center, and Nanjing West Road) are just a short walk, if not a short drive away.

Worried about my surface-level Mandarin speaking skills, my nerves immediately went away once I was greeted with smiles and a great command of English from the staff. From then on, I knew my stay was going to be a breeze. So while I might have only spent three days at the hotel, it definitely felt like I found my home away from home and be rest assured, I couldn’t have left with a bigger urge to return ASAP!


Think modern day charm with a touch of old-school Chinese tradition. You’ll be spoilt for choice at the St. Regis Jingan cos it’s filled with tons of Insta-worthy locations! Trust me, I fell in love as soon as I walked into the lobby. Surveying the high ceilings with grand chandeliers, the Italian marble floors, the colourful (but elegant) furniture; I immediately knew where I needed to stand for a good shot. #doingitforthegram

But that’s not all; the entire hotel is decorated with calligraphy and handcrafted gold foil paintings, a homage to the combination of traditional English and Chinese palatial styles. I may not be an art lover, but it’s amazing to see bits of my ancestor’s culture scattered around such a contemporary hotel. Needless to say, I was proud.

For added visual interest, five glass sculptures by world renowned glass sculptor Dale Chihuly are featured in the hotel’s public space. This particular piece is put for display at the St. Regis Jingan Drawing Room.

I guess that’s what I love about the renowned luxury brand, that despite having 40 hotels around the world, they still put in the effort to design the interior of each hotel to cater to the city it’s located in.

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