4 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Western Australia In 2020

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3. Go on an exciting road trip

Photo: Tourism Western Australia

One of the great perks of Western Australia’s sunny weather is that you can plan to go on a road trip during any long weekends or a public holiday throughout the year, earning it its title as the ‘Road Trip State’. The area’s picturesque and rugged beauty was made to be explored by car, offering some of the most gorgeous coast-hugging scenic drives along the Coral Coast. If you can’t stay away from the crystal clear waters of the sea, try going on an adventure along the Coral Coast Highway where you’ll be brought to the two wonders that put Ningaloo and Shark Bay on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For those looking to go off-the-beaten-track and enjoy long drives, consider planning for a road trip to the South West and Golden Outback. Through an adventure to the great South West Edge, you’ll witness the landscape changing right in front of you as you travel south from the city skylines of Perth.

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