4 Luxury Travel Trends To Hop Onto In 2020

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As the new decade approaches, there’s something that’s certainly on everybody’s mind right now – travelling. Over the past decade, our travel habits had changed tremendously, from group travels to budget getaways and adventurous explorations.

Photo: Mesut Kaya on Unsplash

Entering into the new decade, we’re anticipating a huge evolution from the hospitality industry to meet changing aspirations, needs and guest behaviours. With travellers becoming more concerned with sustainability, wellness, equality and mindfulness, luxury hotels are definitely stepping up a notch with their offerings to provide the best services possible. Today, we as travellers don’t only expect hotels to provide relaxation and entertainment, but also meaningful experiences that enrich their body, mind and soul.

Drawing on its expertise as a global hospitality leader, Accor has identified four emerging travel trends for luxury hotels in Asia Pacific. Be it transformative wellness getaways or sustainable farm-to-table meals, 2020 will mark a year of exploration fuelled by a growing sense of responsibility and the desire for more authenticity.

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