4 Father’s Day Activities That Are Better Than Gifts

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Coming up with a perfect gift idea for your dad every Father’s Day can be quite challenging, especially since all dads rarely ask for anything. If you’ve been cracking your head for the past few weeks trying to find the best gift for your superhero, it’s time to switch your search radar to something else.

While flowers and spa treatments are the winning recipes to please mothers, fathers may seek more adventurous alternatives where they can spend time with loved ones. This is why for this Father’s Day, you may want to consider skippubg the hunt for a gift at the mall and start clicking away on your computer for activities and experiences for your dad.

Photo: Klook

Whether your dad is a foodie who loves seeking surprises for his taste buds or a culture vulture who’s always passionate to learn about the heritage of undiscovered areas, Klook has curated a selection of activities that’ll gift fathers with the best thing they can have: quality time with their family.

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