3 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should Be in Spain

Especially if you love shopping and fashion! 

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Thinking of where to go for your next vacay? The world and its extensive variety of culture and tourist attractions have spoilt us silly but it’s not something we should complain about. One place at a time, right? With that in mind, we’ve got a pretty cool country for you to consider in the near future: SPAIN.

They’ve got such a colourful culture that oozes in their traditions, food (of course!), architecture, entertainment and more. But for the fashionistas, there’s one major attraction: fashion. With proper planning and budgeting, Spain can totally be an affordable destination for shoppers; especially since there are these perks to your advantage:


1. Visa-free for Malaysians

You don’t need to pay for a visa to enter Spain simply cos you don’t need one! That’s budget-friendly and hassle-free.


2. High tax refund for non-residents

If you’re in Spain and you’re not Spanish, you can shop with ease as you can claim back your VAT. The best part is Spain actually offers higher tax refund than other countries in Europe.


3. Home to some of the world’s most fave brands and designers

Are you a fan of ZARA or MANGO or Loewe? Well, Spain is home to these brands and many others. Imagine the awesome selection they’ll have – especially at the outlet malls!


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