13 Tips for Couples Travelling Together (From Experience)

Three couples share their stories and tips to surviving together when going on a romantic getaway!

You know how some people say (based on their experience, perhaps) you shouldn’t be housemates with a best friend or work with a lover cos it might ruin your friendship/relationship in the event a conflict of interests arises? The same possibility can apply to couples who travel together. However, the keywords are: might and can – not definitely.

With a little bit of patience and proper pre-planning, a smooth vacay can lead to you and your partner creating wonderful memories together while strengthening your bond. We looked to three couples who have done it countless times for their ultimate survival tips and what they’ve learnt from going on a trip together!

romantic destination greece santorini

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eileen deng elton


Romantic Destination: Athens, Milos & Santorini for 8 days, 7 nights

“We’ll never forget our little ‘honeymoon’ on Milos Island. We rented a car and drove around the island to every beach – breathtaking volcanic views!” – Eileen

“Eileen is the toughest chick ever, willing to hike and walk long distances, and even climb cliffs to get to our destination.” – Elton


  1. Pack your favourite clothes and jewellery to be able to look back at your holiday photos and go, “Wow, thank God I wore that cute outfit!”
  2. NEVER EVER be apart throughout the trip.
  3. Get a souvenir from all the places you visit so you can look back at them together when you’re older.
  4. Take as many photos as you can. Bring along a memory card with large storage and two cameras if possible.
  5. Make friends; you usually get useful travel information, especially from the locals.


romantic destinations barcelona spain

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ruth reeyau afiq


Romantic Destination: Barcelona for 4 days, 3 nights

“We love the sun, sea and sand so we had fun just being in the water and relaxing. The seafood was glorious – we ate seafood or paella almost every day! Our nightmare was getting lost for almost an hour looking for the hostel at night – with a 15kg backpack in the heat wave. It was the hottest time of the year in Spain.” – Ruth

“Travelling has always been our passion. Spain was our sixth destination as a couple. So far we’ve been to Vienna, Istanbul, Brussels and Amsterdam together.” – Afiq


  1. Always double check dates of flights and reservations.
  2. Be prepared in all aspects – transportation, accommodation, memory card, chargers, etc.
  3. Go with the flow, have fun and make memories!


romantic destinations japan

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mun teng victor


Romantic Destination: Tokyo, Osaka, Toyohashi and Kyoto for 10 days, 9 nights

“The weather was freezing-cold awesome and the people extremely courteous and polite. Of course, I got to take my animation enthusiast, cartoon-loving girlfriend to Disneyland!” – Victor

“It was really romantic when we stayed back in Disneyland, walking hand-in-hand before Cinderella’s Castle and just enjoying the fireworks at night. In Kyoto, the cherry blossom season in March is a breath taker.” – Mun Teng


  1. Visit places where you have acquaintances because it’s always better to have a local take you to places where the natives go, especially when neither of you are familiar with the local lingo.
  2. Don’t spend too much on accommodation as you’ll be spending the least amount of time there, unless you are on a relaxing honeymoon trip.
  3. Always do your research to avoid wasting half the time at your destination just planning where to go. We love the Lonely Planet travel guides!
  4. Take a tripod as most photos taken by strangers will be poor or bad.
  5. Pick restaurants or diners with a crowd if you can’t decide where to eat. They’re bound to be good.