10 Must-See Unique Christmas Trees around the world

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Christmas is nigh and many who’re celebrating are starting to (or have) deck their homes with Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree has long been a symbol of light and hope amidst dark times. It lits up in a merry way with its twinkling lights and ornaments glistening as hangs on the tree. Looking at it puts a smile on one’s face and somehow puts all their worries away.

These days, people around the world come up with their own version of the Christmas tree and opt to be more creative. The world’s largest Christmas tree currently goes to Dortmund, Germany standing at a colossal height of 45 meters and is made up of 1,700 fir trees.

Just like the Dortmund Christmas tree, here are 10 other equally unique and beautiful publicly displayed Christmas trees around the world. From an upside-down Christmas tree to a singing Christmas tree art-installation, maybe it’ll inspire your tree decoration come Christmas day!

The Grinch is going to have a hard time trying to steal these trees ;)

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