10 Hideaway Hotels For When You Want To Run Away From Everything

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Why do you go on vacation?

Ask ten different people, and you may very well get 10 different answers. Some go to see the sights, others to experience a different way of life, others go for the photo ops. Then there are those who go to get away completely– from their normal lives, from their jobs, from everyone they know and perhaps even humanity as a whole.

If that last kind of traveler sounds like you, you’re not alone.

According to hotel bookings site Hotels.com, there’s been an uplift in bookings of ‘off-grid’ getaways over the last two years, with a whopping 60% spike in guests leaving glowing reviews for hideaway hotels that are more than a little off the grid.  Think private islands, hotels deep in the woods, and forest escapes.  From the deserts of the Middle East and the mountains of Thailand to the beaches of St Lucia and the icy tundra of Sweden, travellers are retreating from the world and escaping their everyday lives to hideaway on vacation.

Johan Svanstrom, President of the Hotels.com Brand said: “Thanks to our 25 million guest reviews, we have seen a huge uplift in desire to escape the city and head for the hills – in some cases, quite literally! Going off-grid seems to be a trend many guests are positively highlighting more and more in their reviews.”

“The launch of our new Hideaway Hotels Loved by Guests awards category will provide more inspiration and opportunity for travellers to stay in hotels they didn’t even know existed; whether they are in the desert, the forest, the jungle or even up a mountain. The ultimate way to have a rewarding holiday experience plus extra bragging rights!”

So if an escape like this sounds like something you need, read on to discover the 10 best Hideaway Hotels on Earth, uncovered by Hotels.com.

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