10 Coolest Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Looking for a breath of fresh scenery? Take a quick trip around the world with these Instagramers!

Not sure where to go this holiday season? Or perhaps you’d (sadly) be stuck in the office till the end of the year. Well, instead of staring at that depressing zero in your e-leave system, how about logging on to Instagram instead? We’ve found some of the coolest must-follow travel Instagram accounts that will inspire and WOW you away with their stunning photos. So, chin up and take a virtual trip (for now).


travel instagram account - bipolaire61 1 travel instagram account - bipolaire61 2


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a ‘tourist’ in Antartica? While we’re not sure what @bipolaire61 is doing there, he got some amazing surreal photos of the place (and penguins) while travelling around the world. Also, one of his Instagram photos was published in TIME magazine!


travel instagram account - theblondegypsy 2 travel instagram account - theblondegypsy 1


A self-professed Master of Europe, this travelling ‘gypsy’ definitely deserves the title and if you’ve been thinking of trekking the big continent, follow her. Covering both the city and the non-urban areas, there’s a great culture balance for everyone; though we see more building shots than food ones (FYI).


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travel instagram account - dguttenfelder 1 travel instagram account - dguttenfelder 2


While tourism in South Korea has been firing up (thanks to Psy Oppa, K-pop groups and K-dramas), if you instead have a fascination for the North, David Guttenfelder’s IG can give you an inside look. BTW, did you know that Malaysians don’t need a visa to enter North Korea? (You need to go in a tour, though.)


travel instagram account - garypeppergirl 1 travel instagram account - garypeppergirl 2


Nicole Warne’s style is absolute love and it gets even better with awesome locations as the background for her outfits. A constant traveller, you’ll get tons of ideas for your future #ootd posts while on #holiday.


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travel instagram account - tuulavintage 1 travel instagram account - tuulavintage 2


Meet another travel/style blogger whom we think you should definitely follow! From London to Sydney to Santorini, this girl’s going places! Time to steal some travel style tips from her.


travel instagram account - seattlestravels 1 travel instagram account - seattlestravels 2


Her name is Seattle and though she’s based in Toronto, the world is her oyster. A full-time travel blogger, she’s got some pretty unique places that are bursting with history, culture and nature for you to visit.


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travel instagram account - kirstenalana 1 travel instagram account - kirstenalana 2


Need a quiet getaway for a peace of mind? So… no cities, then? Looks like photographer Kirsten Alana has been heading to the places you’ve been looking for! Her photos will have you wishing you could instantly swap places with her this very minute.


travel instagram account - amiranas 1 travel instagram account - amiranas 2


From Brunei to Sabah to Thailand, Amiruddin Anas has got most of Southeast Asia covered. His photos give off a dreamy vibe, looking like an in-between of a photo and a painting.


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travel instagram account - gmr83 travel instagram account - gmr83 2


Are vivid photos a sight for your sore eyes? This traveller has all the imagery remedy you need for the places you dream of visiting! If those places are mostly located in Europe, that is.

travel instagram account - wonderful_places 1 travel instagram account - wonderful_places 2


The IG handle says it all. Featuring awesome shots taken by other Instagramers, the account has a great collection of some of the most beautiful spots you should visit. Think of it like those 50 Places You Should Visit Before You Die lists; Instagram version. Think YOU have an cool travel shot to feature too? Just add the hashtag #wonderful_places with the name of the location.


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