10 Breathtaking Beaches Around the World

Hit these beaches for some tropical getaway!

We are blessed with a lot of beaches with impressive and beautiful views where the sea and land meet. Amongst the lot, there’s always the best of the best; ones that appear like a slice of heaven fell down to decorate the earth with its beauty. The world’s largest travel site, Tripadvisor always come up with great travel lists that are based on picks from travellers all around the world. So here’s the list of beaches that’ll take your breath away, according to Tripadvisor.

1. Anse Lazio

photography: seyvillas.com

photography: seyvillas.com

photography: seyvillas.com

Powdery soft white sand and crystal turquoise water with lush greens behind it, pictures don’t do it justice. The Anse Lazio beach in Seychelles, Pralin is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to Tripadvisor in 2015. The beach has a designated swimming area to keep sea creatures out so many can feel safe and enjoy the pristine water. Be mindful that the water gets deep quickly hence lifeguards are always on standby. One can also go for snorkelling activities where sea turtles are often spotted. The sunset view during mid-April to August is stunning and makes for a perfect romantic spot for lovers.


2. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

One of Oahu’s most treasured beaches is the Lanikai beach. Lanikai means ‘heavenly sea’ in Hawaiian language and the name says it all. The endless view of the blue sea water makes it hard for anyone to not want to jump right in! There are no strong current or big waves here, but the calm water is perfect for a lazy day at the beach. The beach is public property but parking areas, restrooms or showers are not available there, it’s near a residential area so book a place nearby to avoid the hassle. Best to come on a weekday to avoid the massive crowd.


3. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck beach), Greece

Photography: adventuroustravels.com

Photography: zakynthostravelguide.com

Photography: zakynthostravelguide.com

Photography: asiaone.com

If you’re a fan of the Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, this beach might ring some bells. The blue water with white, sandy beach has a permanent feature of a washed up vessel (hence the name Shipwreck beach) on the beach from which photographers love to snap. Surrounded by huge vertical cliffs this spot has an enchanting image. You can only get access there via boats and there is no shelter so a sun umbrella is a must! The beach does get busy crowded with tourist and ships docking near the shore but if you come in weekday you’ll get a better experience.


4. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Photography: tripadvisor.com

Photography: supercoolbeaches.com

Photography: tripadvisor.com

The Caribbean is definitely a place you think of when you talk about beaches, and Eagle beach is a must visit if you’re heading there. Although it has a popular reputation, this stunning long beach is quiet and clean. The two iconic fofoti (or divi divi) trees are the testimony of the unspoiled beach. If you come in June, you can witness baby turtles hatching and crawling to the ocean. The area will be covered in red and white marks so visitors will be aware to not disturb the hatching spots.


5. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Photography: tripadvisor

Photography: yourvilladelmar.com

Gracing our list is Providenciales’ Grace Bay. Witness the red sunset this 11km stretch beach is a popular diving spot where you can see the third largest barrier reef. A bit near the shore, activities like, parasailing, water-skiing, banana boating, kayaking, and fishing are available. The perfect waters also brought in celebrities like Donna Karan, Bruce Willis and Keith Richards own property nearby.


6. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

Photography: feel-planet.com

Sink your toes in the pink beach in the Bahamas. The slight tint of pale pink comes from the broken coral pieces, shells and calcium carbonate materials left by tiny marine creatures called foraminifera with red and pink shells. Enjoy swimming or snorkeling in the calm clear waters or lay back on the pink sandy beach for some downtime.


7. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Photography: hamiltonisland.com.au

Photography; cruisewhitsundays.com

Photography: hamiltonisland.com.au

This award-winning beach, located in the heart of THE Great Barrier Reef, is one stunning unspoiled wonder. It is also and voted as an eco-friendly beach where it is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Some call it the 50 shades of blue as the seven-kilometre stretch beach has swirled hues of turquoise, blue and green waters, almost marble-like effect. The pure white silica sand is brilliant in colour and is one the purest in the world. Enjoy some sailing or snorkelling adventure here or explore the coastline and slip in some picnic session in a beautiful surrounding. You can hop on a boat or take the plane or helicopter to get to this beauty.


8. Radhanagar Beach, India

Photography: makemytrip.com

Photography: tripadvisor.com

Scenic and peaceful, one of the world’s and India’s best gem is Havelock Island’s west coast Radhanagar beach. Line by lush green forest and palm trees, this picture perfect beach is favourite tourist spot. It does bring in the crowd when in season but it’s not as crowded as other popular beaches. If you walk along the beach about a couple of hundred meters way to the left or right from the main point, you’ll find yourself in solitude again. You can take a dip in the safe clear blue waters and enjoy a marvellous view of the sunset later in the day. Definitely, a way to end the trip there!


9. Siesta beach, Florida

Photography: yogaonsiestabeach.com

A famous spot for sand collectors all over, the Siesta Beach in Florida has super powdery white sand made of 99 percent quartz, which came from the Appalachian Mountains. Taking a dip in the clear warm waters which overlooks the open sea is an experience on it’s own. Take a stroll down the beach line and you’ll find the sand to cool beneath your feet even the weather is super hot.


10. Bamboo Island, Thailand

Photography: new-treveler.ru

Photography: hotelroomsearch.net

Photography: phiphi-phuket.com

Photography: visit-phiphi.com

You may have heard of the famous Phi Phi Don Island but located 45 minutes north is another stunning beach. Bamboo Island or Koh Pai, is a small beach of white sand with no high rocky peaks like it’s sister islands. You can escape the crowd here on at least a three-hour-long tail ride. The island was affected by the 2004 tsunami and is still in the recovering process, so there’s coral reef in the shallow waters. As this island is a part of the National Marine Park a fee of 400 baht (RM 50) is needed to go there.



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