The FEMALE Guide To: Having Immortal Flowers

Forever flowers galore!

Photography: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Bouquets are powerful. They can instantly light up a room and cheer up any given moment; some would even leave fragrant trails behind. The team at FEMALE is obsessed with getting blooms in the office! In our space, they make perfect desk companions and add spark to a long list of flatlays.

While it’s sad to know that most blooms don’t stay forever, some would! A better way to say this is that you can immortalize them as eye-catching homepieces or wearable statements. You can choose to buy or prep your own curation of either dried or paper flowers. Read through for some inspo!

Dried flowers

Photography: Wallace Chuck/Pexels

For home decor: Flowers like baby’s breath and lavender stand the test of time. They make stunning pieces on shelves, vanity spaces and dining areas (among others) way after their first day home. Show them off in a vase but select a conveniently-aerated space that has minimal dust or grime contact. Clean them from time to time with a light brush or cotton bud – an alternative: use your hairdryer at its lowest speed to swoosh dust away (mind the distance!). You can also immortalize your bouquets by putting them into frames or on wooden plaques.

Upcycled as potpourri: Although aged rose bouquets are the most common in DIY potpourris, you can throw in any dried flower combo you like. Choose something with wide, individual petals and a strong, distinctive scent. Air-dry or bake petals or whole flower heads on a thin paper. Opt to add enhancers like cut-and-dried fruits and spices for a zesty, earthy smell to your potpourri mix. When your batch is of room temperature, place them in a container of your choice (a bowl, cleaned candle holder or drawstring satchet for fragrance on-the-go). Put in some drops of your favourite essential oil or spritz some fragrance spray to enjoy!

As bookmarks: Bibliophiles, make this your next bookmark project! You can either press them as-is on a desired page but if you’re worried about them staining your paperback, opt to press them in between laminated films.

As accessories: Why not wear them as necklaces or bracelets? Score a glass pendant from your local DIY materials store or scout for a rustic gem on Etsy. Another idea: dress your tech – get yourself a see-through gadget case and showcase your pressed blooms this way.

Paper flowers

Make a purchase: Give your local paper florist a ring! Check out ornate pieces from the makers of The Good Paper Co and Evermore Flower if you’re thinking about this.

Make them from scratch: Paper blooms are beyond children’s arts and crafts. It’s therapy for all ages, if you ask us. With the right materials (paper variants, cutting tools) and guide, you’ll have your own cut petals in no time. Join a creators’ workshop (some are offered online too) or peek J and P, Jo Nakashima and tsuku cafe for inspiration and oldie-but-goodie tutorials. Make your own garden and while you’re at it, mail some to your loved ones too!

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