You Can Now Share Instagram Stories With Your Friends

Creepy or not, Instagram has made it easier for us to share Stories with our friends.

Photography: Instagram

Whether it’s your favourite beauty blogger’s story or your colleague’s hilarious episode, this new feature lets you share it with pretty much anyone. Even so, it means no more hassle of texting your BFF to get to the 6th story of your favourite Instagrammer who she doesn’t follow!

Now, if you’ve already been watching Stories on Instagram you’ll notice a paper plane icon on the bottom right corner. And just like sharing an Instagram post, just tap on it and it will allow you to share the story directly to your friend or group. They will be able to watch it so long as they open the story before it expires and disappears from the message thread.

Thankfully for those of us who prefer to keep things a little more private, there’s an option to opt out of sharing your stories in Settings.

Instagram has made sharing popular since rolling out their ‘Location’ and ‘Hashtag’ features in their stories. And with this new update, we can only wait to see if it will be a hit or miss.