These Websites Will Let You Help Charities Without Spending Money

It’s time to give back without breaking your bank!

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral all around the world? Well, if only it was that easy to support a cause every day with a single video and a bucketful of cold water and ice; how about we take it to the Net but without the ice? As much as we want to donate money to charitable causes, only a few of us have the funds to do so, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing good deeds to give back to society, especially with the countless charities out there in need of our help. Besides spending money, donating blood or giving away old clothes, you can literally help charities without spending a sen and/or leaving your home!

Check out these websites and make a difference with a donation without hurting your purse cos a small gesture is better than nothing, right?

    A nonprofit website aimed at providing free education to everyone, it also helps end world hunger by providing free rice; all you got to do is play the game! Whether the topic you choose is English vocabulary, Geography or Chemistry, for each answer you get correct, sponsors donate money to purchase rice to the United Nations of World Food Programme (UNWFP) to feed the hungry.How does it work?

    Thanks to the generosity of sponsors who advertise on the site, they’ll pay for the rice with direct payments to the UNWFP. Each Freerice player earns 10 grains at a time, with the sponsor banners appearing at the bottom of the screen for every correct answer. Money is generated by these banners and used to buy the rice and voilà!


    Looking for effective and efficient ways to give back? Be part of the CATCHAFIRE community of individuals who are trying to push the boundaries by utilising their professional skills for nonprofit causes! Think of it as a pro bono job. Organisations partnered with CATCHFIRE are either nonprofit or for-profit with a social mission, strong leadership and vision that can have a demonstrable impact on society.

    How does it work?

    Whether you’re starting a project and in need of volunteers or a volunteer looking for a project to join, CATCHAFIRE will match both parties depending on the volunteer’s skills or the skills needed by the project manager. The project will be listed on a site, volunteers apply for the job, a match is made, they work together and get results!



    So you have a soft spot for our furry friends, and even if you can’t adopt one, it’s not the end! Passionate pet lovers can still help the community feed and care for the thousands of animals in need. Click on an answer, right or wrong, they’ll still provide 10 pieces of kibbles to animal shelters to feed the hungry with only the highest quality of food and litter. The more you play, the more kibbles for the animals.How does it work?

    Whether you’re playing to feed the dogs and cats or to donate a cat litter, for every question answered, 10 pieces of kibbles are sponsored by Halo Purely For Pets; the cat litters are sponsored by Fresh Step. It’s that easy!



People, pets or the environment, if you’ve got a certain cause you stand by or believe in; check out GreaterGood’s website for individual sites tailored to address different causes while raising awareness and providing solutions you can participate in to help. From breast cancer to the rainforest, all it takes is just a click on a button to help a cause of your choice. 

How does it work?

The ‘click to give’ websites are meant to give Internet users a simple yet quick and easy way to make a difference on a daily basis. Website visitors can click on the large coloured button at any or each page of the various causes and it’s all for free. The donations are paid by advertising fees from sponsors, 100 per cent of which go to the charitable partners of GreaterGood. So get clickin’!