These Are The Software Updates From Apple To Watch Out For In September

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The September Apple event is usually the highlight of Apple’s year and one that most Apple fans look forward to!

With September only a couple of days away, there’s one thing all Apple users can anticipate – an official announcement from the brand on what’s coming to the market. Be it the debut of a new iPhone or updated software, Apple’s highlighted event has gathered hardcore fans from around the world to analyse and speculate what the tech brand will pioneer next in the industry.

While Apple remains tight-lipped on any news of new gadget launches, fans can still look forward to the software updates that’ll start rolling in next month. Ahead of the launch, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into iOS13, watchOS6 and Augmented Reality with Apple. Whether you’re a tech geek or not, these features will make you say “Finally!” when you learn that they are everything you ever wanted.

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