Team FEMALE’s Digital Detox Diary: Getting In Touch With Mother Nature

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Day 1

So first the ground rules: before I embarked on this trip, I let my family, friends and my colleagues know that I’m going on a mission to see if I can survive the no internet life so they don’t get mad at me or panic if I didn’t reply them on time. I limit myself to only taking two to four photos per activity (for work of course) and one-time phone check per day during meals, but only if it is completely necessary.

The mesmerizing view from the rooftop at the Belum Rainforest Resort. | Photography: Alya Zulkernai

Upon reaching the Belum Rainforest Resort, I managed to keep my phone away in my bag for the first hour or two. My room had no TV inside but out of habit I took out my phone and tried to connect to WiFi, oops! Lucky for me the connection was so spotty that I needed a separate app to be able to use it and I wasn’t up for that. No WiFi for me then.

I had about 30 minutes to spare before heading out to join the group and I have to admit that in that time I was itching to open Instagram and Twitter– but I resisted!

The first thing on my agenda was to visit the Belum Discovery Centre, a research center where visitors can also come and discover the many flora and faunas in the area. One of the highlights was witnessing a fish tagging demonstration. Of course, that would have been a cool thing to share on Instagram Stories but I just took a few short clips and put my phone away. It was a really interesting session as I’ve always wondered how researchers tag fishes to keep track of them in the wild, so I’m glad I got to learn about it and see it with my own eyes.

Later that night, instead of watching the latest YouTube videos like I normally would at home, I went to look for frogs in the compounds of the resort. Yes, FROGS! It’s one of the things you can do at the resort. Isn’t that adorable? They’ve identified a total of eight species of frogs in the resort area and I managed to find four of them.

a frog silhouette

This little guy was cute! | Photography: Alya Zulkernai

If I was in the city, I think I would have given this frog hunt a pass but since I was there, I figured I might as well experience it as a whole. I only used the phone as torchlight and took some photos of the frogs. It was surprisingly fun!

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