The Sparkle App You’ve Been Dying To Find From Instagram

The secret’s out!

You might have seen many fashion bloggers, makeup artists and celebrities uploading videos on Instagram of their bejeweled dresses and shimmery eyelids with a gorgeous blurry sparkle effect– and you’ve been trying to find out how they got that feature since there’s absolutely no mention of it neither in their captions nor in the comments. Well, after scrolling through posts and reading comments after comments on Instagram (Google helped too), we’ve finally found the app that makes jewels, sequins and glitter sparkle like a dream. It’s none other than the KiraKira+ app! See Dua Lipa below.

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Japanese-based and designed by developer Kentaro Yama, the suddenly popular app transforms basic light reflections into out-of-this-world glistening shimmers. It’s available on the Apple store for $0.99 (about RM4.20) and has a power adjusting sparkle slider with several different filters to choose from that works just like swiping through Snapchat filters. Just imagine what it does on highlighters!

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Go ahead and get it! But fair warning, you might get addicted. Shine bright like a KiraKira+ app!

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