FEMALE Editor Yang Mei Ling reveals why she is placing this phone on her Christmas wish list this year.

Truth be told, I love taking pictures! And my worst nightmare happened when my smartphone decided to crash just a few days before I was scheduled to attend Singapore Fashion Week. I’ve tried a hundred different types of phones (well, not exactly 100 but you get the idea!) and one of the brands I’m really confident will be able to capture any type of image is Samsung. Thankfully, just before I hopped on a plane down south, I managed to get my hands on the Samsung S7 Edge for a review!

They say first impressions matter, and here’s mine: the S7 Edge was just the right size; not too big nor too small, and it fits very well in my hands. It wasn’t that heavy too (according to the manual, it only weighs 157g). As much as I was fascinated by its curves, I quickly found it a li’l annoying when I realised that all my pics had a ‘curved’ effect. But luckily, after playing with it for a bit, I found out that I could turn that particular function off.

Next up: its battery. All I needed to do was fully charge the phone once a day and to my surprise, despite taking loads of pictures, Boomerangs and videos during the fashion shows and trip, the S7 Edge didn’t run out of battery at all. Safe to say, with every charge, the battery lasted well over 15 hours. Phew!

Having been an Android user for three years now, I found it easy to work my way through downloading different apps on Google Play. The phone itself comes with a 32GB/64GB memory and has a built-in micro SD, which has a 200GB storage capacity. At first I was a little disappointed that the S7 Edge didn’t have an external memory, but when I found out how easy it was to transfer files from the phone to my computer, I felt oh-so relieved (if you’re wondering how hard transferring data can be, you’d be surprised. Some phones come with complicated procedures that take up too much time!).

The most exciting part about the S7 Edge is of course, the camera! I enjoy taking pics of anything and everything (except selfies!). When it comes to fashion shows, the most challenging part is that the models walk down the runway at a certain speed, and to capture the most natural-looking and flaunt-worthy image, you’ll need to have a pretty fast and sharp camera with you! Now, the S7 Edge accomplished this task perfectly with its 4GB RAM and Dual Pixel 12MP camera. No matter how fast the shot had to be taken, the pictures still turned out crystal clear and I didn’t even have to edit the images for colour contrast!

During some shows, the lighting wasn’t that great and I was quick to assume that the pictures were going to come out dull, blurry or full of noise. But to my surprise, they were bright, clear and had all the details – including those intricate fabrics and beautiful beading. How? Well, the camera’s F1.7 lens and 1.4um pixels on the image sensor have the ability to capture more light so your images remain stunning no matter the occasion, venue or ambience.

Unfortunately, I had to return this phone to Samsung upon my return from Singapore (super unwillingly at that, as I had grown too attached to the phone). Nevertheless, I’m going to place it on my Christmas wish list this year and hopefully good ol’ Santa will surprise me! ;)




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