MORE Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram-Worthy Snaps

New apps are popping up everyday so we thought it’s time to test out, play with and recommend more noteworthy ones for your snapping pleasure! 

Since we’ve been playing with #fmgphotoaday (the challenges for August are up!), we’ve been looking for new ways to amp up our shots. And since we’re always eyeing the ‘Top Free’ lists in the App Store/Google Play, we figured that we might as well share some of them with you! Sharing is caring, right? Once again, don’t worry, we’ve made sure they’re F-R-E-E and, Android and iPhone-friendly!

photo editing apps - poco cam

POCO Camera

It may say ‘camera’ but this is one of those 100-uses-in-1 app. One of the best apps in China, Japan and Korea, editing can’t get any easier. You can choose filters (and adjust the levels of its strength), frames, and even add image effects (bokeh, scratches, glows, etc). It also comes in an advanced PS mode, allowing you to edit those itsy bitsy details to satisfy that OCD in you. But photo editing aside, you can use it as a camera and switch lenses for different effects such as the 4-lens one. Oh, and you can also make collages with this.


photo editing apps - label box


Adding fonts are pretty basic, but adding LABELS on a photo gives it a more 3D feel. Unfortunately, it literally is a label box, so you’ll have to edit and filter-fy your photos first before you use this app.

*More designs available as in-app purchases.


photo editing apps - line camera

LINE Camera

If you love cute-sy and girly things, then this is THE app for you. In fact, it reminds us of those purikura (Japanese sticker booths) pictures. There’s a decent amount of filters but the biggest plus point for us is its wide variety of polaroid-like frames. You have to buy those special character stickers (i.e Snoopy or Hello Kitty), but the generic shape ones are free.


photo editing apps - befunky


It’s just like it says; its task is to make your photos funky. It’s a little similar to the Pixlr-o-matic app we mentioned before, but minus the fancy effects. It’s just filters and frames, PS mode and adding text. Frankly, it’s less complicated.



photo editing apps - vsco cam


Unfortunately, this one is for iPhones only but we couldn’t resist including it. Web Writer Rachel once blogged about this as one of her must-have apps, which was paid for. But you don’t have to anymore! With its recent re-launch, it’s now F.O.C with 10 subtle filters and the PS mode option!

*More filters are available as in-app purchases. But if you’ve purchased it before, they’ll give you 10 more!



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