How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Selfie game so strong, Kim K might have to step aside.


Thanks to inventions such as Instagram and front-facing cameras, selfies — *ehem* the art of self-portrait — has taken the world by storm and is here to stay. We’re all guilty of indulging in a selfie or two — or 50. It’s fine if all 50 turned out well, but if you’re taking them coz you can’t seem to get it picture-perfect, fret not! We’ve gathered a few tips to guide you for that Instagram-worthy selfie!

1. Follow the light

Having good lighting means everything if you want to take a great selfie. Natural sunlight is the best as it helps blur out flaws and makes your skin tone look its very best; but try to avoid direct sunlight — especially around midday — as the sun is located right above you, thus it could cast unflattering shadows under your eyes. If you’re taking a selfie indoors, try doing it near a window with ample sunlight — it helps maximize the picture quality too!

2. Find your best angle

This requires a lot of practise so don’t give up! Find time to sit down and take a bunch of selfies from a variety of angles; figure out if the left or right side of your face looks better (yes, there is a better side) and compare them. If you’re not sure, get a fresh pair of eyes and consult your friends and family.

3. Pick your props

As selfies dominate our Facebook/Instagram feed most of the time, everyone is constantly stepping up their selfie game to make sure their picture is as creative as possible. In order to survive the ‘competition’, take advantage of any ‘props’ near you, such as your Starbucks cup, a puppy, or even something as simple as your hand. Yup! Resting your chin with it or playing with your hair can give your selfie an effortless boost.

4. Say ‘Cheese’!

If you’re no expert of the infamous duck face or sparrow face, we suggest that you keep it classic. Give the camera a megawatt smile or a demure one; it’s up to you. But one thing’s for sure: nobody likes to be greeted with an angry-looking selfie on their Facebook feed first thing in the morning. Quick tip: try thinking of a happy memory for a more natural smile.

5. Enhance… moderately

We don’t mean extreme Photoshop. A little enhancing magic won’t hurt. Play around with the basics like brightness, temperature, contrast and so on. You can even experiment with beautiful filters from the various photo editing apps in the market; some of our favorites include VSCOcam and Afterlight!


Photo: ingimage; GIFS: Giphy


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