How to Get More Instagram Likes Instantly

Say goodbye to days when your Instagram photos get no likes (at all – gasp!) because the secret is out!

Why, hello there, Instagram-holics. The fact that you’re reading this proves you’re one but don’t feel ashamed about it! We’re in the same boat.

Spending almost 30 minutes just to edit that shot to Instagram perfection? Checking your phone every minute for new likes after uploading a new Instagram photo? Deleting an Instagram photo just because you didn’t get enough likes after all that?

Yup, guilty as charged…

Then, visual analytics firm Curalate did us all one huge favour. They broke the code. After scouring more than 8 million Instagram photos and analysing them, they’ve found the formulas which make photos popular on the photo-sharing app. Get your notebooks out!

1. The power of blue

They get more likes; about 24% more than pictures with mostly red and orange colours in it.



2. Colourblocking

One-colour images or photos with a single dominant hue receive 40% more likes than multi-coloured ones.


3. Background space

We know you love your close-ups but you’re going to need to give your subject some space (above 90 per cent) in the photo because they’re the more successful ones. Crop tops, yes; crop shots, not so much.


4. Lower the saturation levels

We’ll call it as it is: hipster-style. Images with 0 to 15 per cent saturation (little colour) get 18% more than vivid or vibrant photos.


5. Add brightness

Less colour doesn’t mean pitch dark photos. Images with 65 to 80 per cent of light in it get 24% more likes than photos with less than 45 per cent lightness.


On another interesting note, do you know what’s the average number of likes an Instagram photo gets? “Likes on Instagram, while incredibly valuable, are hard to come by with 65 percent of Instagram images garnering between 0 and 10 likes,” said Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate. Try these tips out and see if you get more than that!


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