FEMALE Car & Gadget Awards 2019: 8 Rides, 1 Gadget & 1 App That’s Best Suited For City Dwellers

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It’s that time of the year once again. A few months back, we asked you to vote for your favourite cars and gadgets of the year. Today, we’ll be revealing the results!

Best Entry-level Car – Perodua Myvi

From RM42,790 (OTR without insurance)

“As someone who has driven a Myvi since her college days, this new model definitely impressed me in terms of details. Advanced safety assist features, LED headlamps, keyless entry and push start aside, my favourite is the new integrated Touch ‘n Go card reader (available on 1.5L variants) that’s built in to the car. This means that you can officially retire your SmartTAG device, or better yet if you don’t own one, start using the SmartTAG lane. It’s also cool that the transmitter has a screen to show me how much balance I had and even made a sound when my balance was low!” – Tammy

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