Everything You’d Want In A Stylish Smartwatch Is Right Here!

FEMALE’s Car & Gadget Awards

Best Smartwatch


Always wanted to own a smartwatch but not willing to comprise on style? Well, we’ve got good news for you! Now you’ll finally be able to wear a chic outfit and have a sleek accessory on your wrist that tells more than just time. Powered by the revamped Android Wear 2.0 platform, this third-generation Fossil device comes upgraded with a full-round high-resolution digital display, fully interactive touch screen function and the option for you to swap strap styles and personalise its face design with your favourite photos from Facebook or Instagram!

Made for the #GirlBoss

Attractive, lightweight, comfortable to wear and durable enough for daily use, this 42mm stainless steel case gadget is equipped with wireless syncing, magnetic charging features and is also compatible with Android devices 4.3+ or iOS 9+/iPhone 5+. This means that no matter how busy you are, as long as you have the Android WearTM App set up and Bluetooth connected, you’ll be able to accomplish anything thrown your way!

The way you live changes

Imagine being able to see who’s calling, texting or emailing without having to touch your phone. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing how much calories you’ve burnt after a long frustrating day of taking the public transport since your car broke down. Imagine an alarm notifying you of an important appointment you almost missed just because you left your planner at home. Imagine the LED flashlight feature coming in handy when you need to retrieve something from your tote bag in a dark cinema hall. Ladies, the Q Venture promises world domination at your fingertips (or in this case, your wrist), so what’s stopping you from making the lifestyle change?

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