The Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram-Worthy Snaps

You don’t have to only edit your snapshots with the in-app filters. We’ve tried, tested and approved these cool photo editing apps to make phonegraphy more fun!

Instagram has been taking the world by storm and who can blame us for loving it? If a Twitter tweet is worth 140 characters, then an Instagram photo would probably be worth a thousand words – along with a caption and a gazillioncouple of hashtags. So, whether it’s for #ootd or #foodporn, why not add more magic to those snapshots before hitting that ‘share’ button? Here are some of our favourite photo editing apps that are available for both iPhone and Android.



This app gets an immediate thumbs up mostly because of its photo editing versatility. Besides the brightness and saturation, you can also use the ‘selective adjust’ function to edit specific spots in the photo. This way, you won’t have to worry about brightening the middle part while overexposing the other corners of the shot.

Psst… If you’re using it on an iPhone, the app also offers a special filter where you can add scratches and light leaks to give it a lomography and/or vintage feel.




If you’re not into spending ‘forever’ searching for the perfect filter and adjusting the right contrast level, this app has a pretty good basic editing system. It even comes with some pretty interesting functions such as increasing it to ‘Hi Def’ quality, blemish removal, drawing and adding text – which includes making it look like a meme.




If filters, light effects and borders are a photo chemistry you enjoy playing around with, then this app is perfect for you! In fact, we honestly felt that there were too many to choose from and combine – and mind you, those were only from the free pack.





It’s a whole photo editing package in one app! You can adjust the photo settings, add special effects (such as making it look like you’re holding a polaroid photo while the subject is still in the background) and make collages – which is our favourite part. To do so, you just need to first select the photos you want and it will automatically fit them in. After that, you can easily just swap them around or change the frames with the touch of a button!




As a camera, you get to pick the different formats in advance (e.g fisheye or multishot). But as a photo editing app, it has almost every option for you to use, including adjusting sharpness and saturation, adding filters, light effects and borders. In addition, it also has a beauty tab with a face recognition technology where you can try giving yourself (or whoever in the photo) bigger eyes, slimming the face or even adding a mosaic over it.



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