Apple to Include More Gender Diverse Emojis in the New iOS 10

Pro-feminism, pro-pride, and anti-gun violence. The new Apple emojis are definitely a progressive upgrade.


Emoji on our smartphones are the newest craze nowadays. Whether you’re happy, hungry or going dancing, we have emojis for every expression and action. After releasing a butt load of new emojis last year, Apple is revolutinising our texting game yet again. This time with a more gender diverse emojis in their upcoming iOS 10 update coming later this year!

The tech wizards over at Unicode Consortium are working closely with Apple to create more emojis and to ensure more representation to more people out there. Some of the new emojis include a LGBT pride flag, single parent emojis, women characters participating in sport activities and professions that are normally represented by male emojis. Can someone say girl power?

In response of the gun violence fiasco happening in the United States, Apple also flipped the revolver gun emoji to a water pistol emoji. Either it’s a hint or a blatant sign from Apple to the US to take their gun control more seriously now.

Here are the new emoji that will be on your iOS devices coming this Autumn:

The new emojis for Apple iOS 10

Photo: Apple

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