7 Social Media and Networks You Should Join in 2014

Move over, Instagram! You too, Facebook.

But don’t worry, they can still stay. Just be sure to make some space for these social media and networks because 2014 sees a slight shift in trends in the online social scene!

*All apps available on both iPhones and Androids.

1. Dayre


via iTunes

Everyone likes it when things are at their fingertips and when it comes to social media, everything has to be mobile-friendly a.k.a it should exist in the form of apps as well. When it comes to your blogging needs, Dayreis fast catching on simply because it’s… simple. From a photo to a paragraph about your day to a sticker, it’s super easy to post bite-sized updates whenever you like.

IT’S LIKE: WordPress/Blogger, but available on phones only.


2. Path


via Mobile Patterns

Compared to mass, public sharing, private networks are apparently preferred this year. Like REALLY private ones. For Path, they limit it to a maximum of 150 contacts for your account. Record every key and small moments in your life without the need to filter them, like you’d do on Facebook because of that one ‘friend’, or two. Our fave part about it: it comes with an internal search engine so you can quickly input a keyword and find a particular memory without having to scroll 12456 times.

IT’S LIKE: Facebook, but for exclusive peeps only.


3. Snapchat


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It’s quite popular overseas, but we think it’s only a matter of time before everyone begins to use it. Isn’t that what happened with Instagram? Besides being image-centric – which is growing immensely popular – the company also complies with the other hot trend: disappearing social content.


Super creative snapchats made by Buzzfeed staff Adam Ellis with his friend, Kristin. (Photo: Buzzfeed)

How it works is you and your friend basically snap (on the spot, no loading from your photo album/camera roll) and send photos (which you can add doodles or text to) to each other as a chat, but nobody gets to keep them. It WILL be deleted within seconds. Erm, but the sender does have the option of saving his or her snapchat before sending it.

IT’S LIKE: Whatsapp meets Instagram, but everything goes ‘poof’ after you see the message.


4. Between


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Here’s something for couples who have a penchant for journaling all your moments together and would like tokeep it private yet online. From keying in your special days (including birthdays) with the Calendar function to sharing photos and notes to chatting (there are stickers!), it’s the social network for just the two of you.

IT’S LIKE: A scrapbook, planner, reminder and chatroom, all in one app for a couple; only two users at one time.


5. Vine

via Vine

We thought most funny videos come from YouTube, but really, Vine is another treasure chest everyone should open. With micro-video content on the rise, it’s the fastest way to upload and share, as well as to stream and enjoy.

IT’S LIKE: YouTube meets Instagram but with only 6 seconds worth of video to share.


6. Pose


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Fashionistas, here’s one to add to your already existing fashion-esque social accounts! Image-based, it’s been described as ‘Instagram for fashion’ where users get to share snapshots of their outfits. Even celebrity fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe is on it! You can even save your fave photos into albums for future reference.

IT’S LIKE: Lookbook OR Instagram but for #OOTDs only. Includes Pinterest-like functions.


BONUS: Google+

How many of you signed up for one but kind of only check it once a year? Maybe you’ll click in a few more times this year because most social media news websites are saying Google Plus is growing rapidly, with predictions that a lot of people will be moving from FB to G+. The main ‘selling’ point? Its search benefits from Google.

IT’S LIKE: Facebook with a Google search engine.


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