6 Tips for a Successful Blog in Malaysia

So you’ve started a blog. Now, how do you make it popular?

Blogging used to be a virtual diary where we can just type out thoughts about everyday life, but over the years, it has become more of a place where we can share information and ideas with others. So much so that it has even turned some bloggers into personalities and became a way to generate income. Of course, it all takes hard work and many local bloggers like Cheesie of Cheeserland and Joyce Wong of KinkyBlueFairy didn’t become popular overnight.


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Anyone can start a blog, but if you want it to shine amidst the many, many others online, there are things you can do to gain extra favour with your current (and future) readers. Some of these tips come from your fave bloggers themselves (yes, we’re fans too)!

1. “Do it because you love it” 

This particular blogging advice came from Joyce of KinkyBlueFairy herself, but it’s also a tip that many other popular bloggers share. Audrey from FourFeetNine said, “Success doesn’t necessarily mean getting a lot of people to read your blog.” It’s important to be original and write about things that you love and are inspired by; people will appreciate that, Audrey noted. Joyce added that the money part only comes much later and if you’re doing it just for that sake, chances are, you’re probably not going to make it.

2. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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Everyone likes looking at pictures and you know what they say; a picture paints a thousand words. But that doesn’t mean you should forgo writing completely. Be sure that your content is informative as readers are there to be inspired or learn something new. Also, don’t forget to type properly (it’s something Audrey mentioned as well!); it makes it easier for your readers to read your blog. As for the pictures, avoid posting blurry ones or taking them under very poor light. It’ll make your blog look visually less attractive.

3. Be consistent

While you can ‘specialise’ in certain categories (fashion/beauty/lifestyle), there’s no harm blogging about other aspects of your life (maybe you found a really awesome cafe?). Ken Wooi from kenwooi.com mentioned in an interview with Yahoo News Malaysia that, “You have to be consistent with your blog posts or you risk losing your readers. There are so many blogs covering food, travel and technology. I feel that a good blog not only needs good writing but presentation as well. Furthermore, good content is vital – it keeps people coming back for more.” In addition, posting regularly will help attract readers. If your next blog post is 1.5 months after your previous one, your readers might stop visiting as often; or worst, at all.

4. Get on various social media and networks

Of course, you can’t rely on your website alone to attract readers. People usually spend a lot of time on social media. It’s easy and fast to check out what’s happening with everyone, so join in! Whether it’s Twitter, a Facebook page or even Instagram, make it easier for people to follow your updates. In addition, adding icons and linking to all your social accounts on a sidebar will help readers connect with you instantly (instead of having to scan and search through your blog for your Instagram name, for example).

5. Join blogging communities

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Be it a blogger agency (like Nuffnang) or a Facebook group (there are tons, just look up ‘Malaysia Bloggers’), it helps to put your blog out there or find extra content to write about. Also, it lets you meet other bloggers like yourself to network with!

6. Participate in contests and win awards

guess blogger award 2014

Yes, joining contests and winning awards do help to give your blog more exposure and recognition. EvenCheesie from Cheeserland has suggested it on her blog (she won one before too!). Coincidentally, we’re having one this year – the GUESS Blogger Awards and the prizes include a 2-page feature in female, cash and GUESS vouchers! To find out more (and register), head over to female.bloggeraward.my now!

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