6 Great Free Travel Apps for iPhone and Android

They can be total lifesavers when you get lost in translation… or just plain lost. 

Whether your travelling style is more of the free-spirited kind, or you’re pretty OCD and worry about every possible situation that could happen, these free iPhone and Android-friendly travel apps will become your best buddies.


#1 Currency converter: XE Currency 

You’re on a holiday! Leave your Add Maths skills at home and just download this app to save your mind from constantly doing multiplications in your head. Plus, it keeps track of live exchange rates of almost every country’s currency.


#2 Translator: Google Translate 

Heading to a non-English speaking country? This app is just the interpreter you need for your basic travel needs. While it does require internet connection, you can always star and save your fave translations to refer to when offline!


#3 Itinerary organizer: Tripit 

Save the trees and go digital by saving all your travel plans into this neatlittle app! From hotels to airlines and car rentals to restaurant bookings, it will even organise them chronologically and lets you access it when offline.


#4 WiFi finder: WiFi Finder 

It can be pricey to subscribe to internet roaming, especially if you’re going away on a 2-week vacation. Your best solution: free WiFi! And this one can help you detect the nearest one (if available).


#5 Coolest accommodation finder: Airbnb 

While you should have already booked a place to stay before you take off, sometimes, an unexpected journey might just pop up and this app can help you find shelter for the night, at the last minute. The places recommended are no ordinary motels either; they range from one-of-a-kind apartments to nicely made rooms in a host’s home.


#6 A ‘local’: Wikitude 

This one’s pretty interesting to use; see an interesting building but there’s no one or nothing that can tell you about it? Just open the app and point at it; the app can show you the name of the building and a lil Wiki snippet. Alternatively, you can try and get hold of a real local or, well, just go into the building.


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