40 Free Must-Have Apps For Your Smartphone

From photo editing to losing weight and hairstyles to languages, these apps will help you out in every department!

Fact #1  

There are over 1 million apps in the world today.

Fact #2  

We don’t need all 1 million apps in our phones or tablets.

Fact #3

We’ve narrowed those 1 million+ apps down to just 40 for you to try!



It was tough, but it had to be done. Of course, we didn’t include the default ones like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (we assume you already have them… right?) AND we made sure they’re free (of course!). Oh, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an iPhone or Android user – there’s something for both. It’s our gift to you because… Happy #female40!


1. Waze 

Where would we be without this cool navigation app? Lost and perhaps unaware of traffic jams or ‘hazards’, that’s where. We especially love how the search results also come via foursquare, making some specific places more easily detected.

Psst… try changing the speaker voice to ‘Boy Band’ for a good laugh.


2. Duolingo 

If you’ve been thinking of picking up a new language, this app puts the fun in learning one! Instead of the conventional flash card method, it’s more like a game where you can compete with friends, gain points and level up. It helps that its interface is also pretty cute.

toshl finance icon

3. Toshl Finance 

Time to watch what and how you spend. It’s not that difficult with the help of this little finance app. You can key in your income, list down your expenses and even set a budget each month. With all these data, the app will sum up your finances and make it easier for you to monitor your expenditure.

Psst… there’s a passcode option to lock the app!


4. Quiz Up 

If you like trivia games, here’s one you won’t regret downloading. With over 200,000 questions in over 400 topics – ranging from your favourite TV shows to books and music to fashion – there’s a high chance you won’t get bored with it! Seriously, they add a new topic every week!


5. Evernote 

Think of it as your digital personal organiser/notebook. Create, edit and sync all your notes across all the devices you use. Add sketches or photos for future references. Use it for your travel plans to keep track of your itinerary and to store an e-copy of your documents. The possibilities are endless.


6. Flipboard 

Introducing your very own personal magazine; it’s the most convenient way to catch up on the latest news and stories from around the world, including your fave blogs, websites and your own social networks’ feeds. Alternatively, select a few interests and it will curate a selection of articles for your reading pleasure.


7. MyTeksi 

Need a taxi? This app is one of the safest ways to get one! Not only do you get immediate confirmation of your driver’s name, car plate number, picture and phone number, but you can also share your ride with your loved ones to let them track your taxi in real-time. You can book immediately or up to 7 days in advance.

Psst… This one’s created by our fellow Malaysians. Check them out!


8. SoundHound 

Don’t you just hate it when you like a song you hear on the radio or at a cafe, but you just don’t know the title? Just put your phone near the source of the music, and voila, this app will give you the answer you’re looking for! And by ‘source’, that includes singing and humming – well, if you hum it accurately enough.

32 MORE Awesome Apps You Need on Your Smartphone!

In case you’re looking for a specific type of app, we’ve put them into categories for you to make your search easier (or just in case some of you don’t want to be reminded of your ‘I will exercise this year’ resolution – just kidding!). Click on the banners below for the categories you’re interested in:







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